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But do any of my followers attend Queen Mary University of London?


Boating on Daveys Pond .


Bright Star (2009) dir. Jane Campion

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I am nothing but words,
       just a shape
              of dreams or night.
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Happy Birthday Charlotte Brontë!(img)

Lady Reading by a Window, Thomas Benjamin Kennington

The Rain It Raineth Everyday - Leonard Campbell Taylor
Gustav Marx - In the Dusseldorf court Garden
Palm Beach, between 1900 and 1906
Charles Haigh Wood - Two ladies picking flowers
Sweet Solitude by Edmund Blair Leighton (1852-1922)
The Gentle Angler by Francis Coates Jones (1852-1938) 


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I like fairy tales, and I like dreaming. I try to weave the reality into the dream.
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Costume Ball 1897

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